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This is a shot of Sharon and me out doing what we love doing more than anything else. We are located in Chambersburg, PA, in Franklin County.  Our phone number is (717) 977-8804.  We are with in 30 minutes drive of 5 different creeks that are open year 'round.  Don't be shy, give us a try.

For more information or to book a slot contact me directly at

Please note that if you see any words in this website that are any other color than black and bold, they are not links that I have approved.  These are pirate links that I am fighting to have removed, Do Not Click on them, I can Not vouch for their safety or reliability.

South Central, PA has some of the best trout water in the state.  The beautiful mountains of Cumberland, Fulton, Franklin, and Adams Counties are rich in limestone springs that feed our creeks and keep them running cold enough to support trout throughout the entire year.  The predictable hatches on our waters draw fly fishers form near and far.  Whether it's early spring, the dog days of summer, autumn foliage, or the dead of winter, our streams consistently produce trout that make the trip to South Central Pennsylvania worth while.  Custom-Tied is a good place to find what you are looking for, if you don't find what you are looking for, drop us a note and we will try to get you pointed in the right direction so that you do.  Please enjoy your stay, and don't forget to sign the Guest Book.

4 Fish Guarantee

We here at Custom-Tied are so sure of our products' quality and workmanship that we guarantee them against failure.  Our flies are tied on Mustad hooks.  We are not guarantying your ability to catch 4 fish with each fly.  We are, however, telling you that our bugs will last through the fight of at least 4 fish, or 1,000 casts (including false casting), or we will replace the bug.  Just return what is left to us, and we will replace it with the same pattern and size, at no cost to you.  If you decide to buy flies from Custom-Tied, please send an email to to let me know that you have made a purchase. Use these links to find the flies that you are looking for. Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, Midges and Emergers, and Terrestrials.

Why would I want to learn how to fly-fish?

That's a very good question.  Fly-Fishing is an ancient sport, one of the first types of fishing man has ever tried.  One of the best pass times that I have ever done is to take a fly rod and some files to a pond and pitch at what ever is eating.  You see all manner of nature while out with your rod.  Eagles, musk rats, turtles, snakes, beavers, and different types of fish.  It is a wonderful way to pass a day or an evening.  It's not hard to learn how to cast, in fact...

Do we teach people to fly-fish?

Absolutely, we teach people to fly fish.  We just enjoy the sport so much that we want to share it with the world.  Fly-fishing lessons are available through The Custom-Tied School of Fly-Fishing.  The classes are a minimum of 6 hours for $200.00 per person.  Please see the Rates page of this web site and send an email to let me know that you are interested in getting together for some time on the creek or at the pond. The course also includes a stream side lunch. 

Do we teach people how to tie Flies?

Absolutely, we teach people to tie their own flies.  In our opinion an important part of the fly fishing experience is catching fish with bugs that you made with you own two hands.  All of the patterns that are available on this web site, I tied my self and I can teach you to do the very same thing.  The first lesson is 4 hours for $120.00, per person, after that each additional hour is $30.00 per hour, per person.  I try to keep my class sizes to 5 or less.  I teach at my house.  If you are interested in learning to tie your own flies please see the Rates page and drop us a note at and let's get some time in the book for you.

I am a registered member of the BSA and have all required training.  I am a certified Fly Fishing Merit Badge Counselor, also.  If a Boy Scout Troop, Cub Scout Pack, Venture Crew, or Varsity Squad has any youth members that want to learn how to fly fish or tie flies they are completely free.  Your unit comes to Camp Hidden Valley for a weekend, you email me and let me know that you have youth that are interested, and we put a course together just for you. There is no cost for youth or adults that want to learn.  The camp has fly fishing equipment, but, I suggest that you bring your own, if you have it.  I will join you at camp and spend the day with your unit.  I only require a $50.00 stipend to offset the cost of fuel.

I know that it's not free, how do I pay?

The links on this page go directly to Pay Pal, if you choose to use a credit card, there is a $5.00 fee for this service.  If you do not have a Pay Pal account, click this link and sign up for a free account. If you do not desire to use Pay Pal, that is ok, we take personal checks for services.  Just email me and let me know what service you are interested in and we can get it worked out.  Please feel free to order flies or sign up for one of the services provided by Custom-Tied School of Fly Fishing.


Custom-Tied is proud to be in partnership with Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve in Adams County, PA.  This preserve encompasses more than 600 acres of land at the head waters of Swampy Creek.  The office is located at 1537 Mt. Hope Road in Fairfield, PA.  This preserve offers a nature center, pond, more than 10 miles of hiking trails, and organized environmental education programs for young and old alike.  It is open to the public year 'round.  Membership is available and encouraged as this is a non-profit community out reach program, but is is not required.  It is my privilege to serve as a part-time naturalist with the preserve. From time to time I can be found helping to educate the public on stream ecology and entomology around Swampy Creek and Middle Creek at the preserve.  Their web site is available below in the links section.  Come give them a good looking over, when you stop in the office, tell them that George sent you by.


Kynd Outdoors 

Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve

Please enjoy your stay here at the new Custom-Tied web page, we wish you Tight Lines and Screaming Reels.  We'll see you on the creek.

-George and Sharon Hammond